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Originating as a shipping company, CSC Group has made significant advances in the fuel card industry since it was established in 1993.

CSC Group offers fuelling facilities and fuel card savings throughout the UK and Ireland for businesses of any size.

The CSC Fuel Card was launched in 1993 with just a small number of fuel stations on the fuel card network. Since then, the group has massively increased its coverage and built a large customer base. We take pride in offering all our customers personal attention, unrivaled levels of customer service and excellent discounts.

With Fuel Cards there’s no need to carry costly fuel stocks and with our extensive station network, drivers can fill around the country at a time and a place that best suits them. Customers also benefit by paying a single price for fuel at each authorized filling station around the country.

CSC fuel card holders can get a better price than pump price at many sites.

Fuel accounts are paid by direct debit and advantageous credit terms are available.

CSC customers receive a detailed VAT approved invoice and full transaction breakdown giving details such as date, time,vehicle registration and location. This allows the business owner to easily monitor drivers.

Cards can be embossed with the vehicle registration or driver name and only fuel can be purchased using the cards.

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CSC was proud to be included in the London Stock Exchange Group “1000 Companies to Inspire Britain 2019” Report

Full online fuel management

The CSC Fuel Card comes with a full online service to manage your fuel card account.

Reprint invoices, export transaction reports, view cards & current fuel prices. All at your fingertips 24 hours a day...
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